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Energy efficiency is essential. But can we afford it?

H1 Provides for the efficient use of energy and sets physical conditions for energy performance.
Are the recent changes to H1 clause just a small step along the road to adopting the International Passive House standards across New Zealand, like other members of the OECD experienced? Robert Whitehouse believes they are.

Specifying for Airtightness and Testing

The goal of the guide specification is simple. Help you define what you want (a demonstrated level of airtightness), and to get a fair price to prove it. You’d be surprised how often these seemingly obvious requirements are poorly defined in project specifications. So here’s…

Renovating and Insulating Masonry Walls

Why strapping and lining masonry walls on the inside is not a good idea, not for renovation, not for new builds. In my previous article ‘Adding Insulation and Wall Underlay to Existing Walls’ I referred only to timber-framed walls, but many renovations also include block walls;…

Adding Insulation and Wall Underlay to Existing Walls

How can we safely add insulation to existing walls without risking trapped moisture and compromising durability? Whether you design for renovation work on a daily basis or you need to renovate your own house, it’s a very rare opportunity to make great improvements to the…

Renovation Opportunity and R-Values

In this article, I’m tackling real-estate adverts, renovation by paint, and discussing one area of cost for whole-house renovation and the connection between health and wealth. In the previous article, ‘Achieving Winter Warmth in New Zealand homes’, I made claims about house performance for renovations — making…

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