Tag: Ventilation

Constructing School Roofs the Right Way

The Ministry of Education’s updated guidelines on Weathertightness Design Requirements for New School Buildings outline new changes in the design philosophy of school roofs set well above NZBC Acceptable Solutions.

‘Airtight’ vs ‘Breathable: What’s it all about?

This month we look at ‘airtight’ vs ‘breathable’ building. Is it possible to achieve both within the same build? John, a homeowner customer called me the other day to say he was planning to build a new home, and after doing a bit of reading…

Designing for Steam in Modern Buildings

We pipe water inside buildings, so what happens when we turn it into steam? Below is a quote from two young radio announcers last week that got me thinking: “Everyone understands how steam engines work using steam.” “Do they?” “Yeah, it’s a basic analogy, it’s…

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