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INTELLO® now BRANZ Appraised!

Used and loved by New Zealand architects, designers and builders since it hit the market here in 2006, pro clima INTELLO® Intelligent Air Barrier is now the first & only intelligent vapour control membrane certified with a BRANZ Appraisal.

Easy to specify and install.
Easy to gain building consent.


What is airtightness?

Airtightness is the cheapest way to make our buildings energy efficient. At just about 1% of the overall build cost, INTELLO® is providing an airtightness solution that’s within reach for New Zealanders. Be airtight with pro clima and the INTELLO® Intelligent Airtightness System.


Insulate, ventilate, airtight... sorted!

For more than a decade, pro clima INTELLO® Intelligent Air Barrier has provided New Zealand architects, designers and builders with the missing link between what customers already understand about insulating and ventilating their homes and the added benefits that can only be achieved through airtightness.

BRANZ recognises the importance of airtightness, and INTELLO® is now the first & only intelligent vapour control membrane certified with a BRANZ Appraisal.

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What is Airtightness?
We discuss airtightness and why it is necessary for healthy, comfortable, energy-efficient and durable construction.
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Benefits of Airtightness
We discuss the benefits of airtightness and how it can help your design and build, as well as keep the people who live, work and study in these structures healthy and comfortable.
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Where does the airtightness layer go?
Find out where the airtightness layer goes so the buildings people live, work and study in are healthy, comfortable, durable and energy-efficient.
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pro clima Intelligent Airtightness System (IAS)
Join Richard to get a glimpse into why it was necessary to develop pro clima’s IAS in the first place.
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INTELLO & Ventilation
In this episode of My INTELLO, Simon takes a closer look at ventilation and why it's such an important element of your design and build.
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INTELLO & Insulation
Take a closer look at insulation to better understand why is insulation important, how does it work and how to create and maintain a comfortable and energy-efficient home with INTELLO® all year round.
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How to specify INTELLO?
Learn how to go about specifying an airtightness system for your building project.
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What is the target?
How airtight should your building be?
Richard Hollard, pro clima's Specification Manager, explains airtightness targets and the importance of verification for quality control.
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Antoni, pro clima's Technical Training Manager takes you through the meaning of Hydrosafe®, a term developed by pro clima, optimised for New Zealand conditions, which helps determine the safe performance and durability of buildings.
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INTELLO as part of the pro clima System
Learn how the INTELLO® system components work together as a part of pro clima System to achieve comfortable, healthy, energy-efficient and durable buildings.

We want to make your job easier and help you to stay on top of your technical knowledge.

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RENOVATIONS - pro clima INTELLO® PLUS saves a Wellington home owner $2,500 during one winter.

Pro Clima continues to provide design guidance, on-site training as well as products which help to achieve one of the Kāinga Ora retrofit programme’s big goals: health.

Installed in this sustainable home in rural Raglan, the INTELLO® PLUS limits internal moisture and allows existing moisture to escape from the roof space.


‘Airtight’ vs ‘Breathable: What’s it all about?

by Richard HollardMy INTELLO®

Specification Manager


This month we look at ‘airtight’ vs ‘breathable’ building. Is it possible to achieve both within the same build?

Where Does the Airtightness Layer Go?

by  Thomas van RaamsdonkMy INTELLO®

General Manager


One of the ingredients in modern buildings is the creation of a deliberately airtight shell to conserve energy (warm or cool).

Renovation Opportunity and R-Values

by  Thomas van RaamsdonkMy INTELLO®

General Manager


In this article, I’m tackling real-estate adverts, renovation by paint, and discussing one area of cost for whole-house renovation and the connection between health and wealth.

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Fun Facts


INTELLO® was first developed in Germany more than 17 years ago.


INTELLO® helps to achieve the performance objectives of both H1 & E3
(which will likely also help with B2).


INTELLO® and many other pro clima Products regularly appear on
TV3's Grand Designs.


INTELLO® stops air but lets moisture move.


INTELLO® is designed for use with all types of fibrous insulation: Glass Fibre, Wool, Wood Fibre and Cellulose.


INTELLO® PLUS, with its embedded strengthening mesh, is suitable for blown-in insulation applications.


INTELLO® promotes superior drying capacity with Hydrosafe® technology.


INTELLO®'s predecessor was cellulose-based airtightness membrane called DB PLUS which featured in pro clima's very first airtightness system released almost 40 years ago.


The first certified Passive House ever built in Oceania used INTELLO® in 2011.


INTELLO® is installed on the inside of the main insulation layer, or as we call it, ‘the warm side of insulation’.


INTELLO® was installed in TV3's The Block back in 2016.


It's important that INTELLO® airtightness layer runs continuously on the inside of the thermal envelope.


INTELLO = Internal.
EXTASANA = External.

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INTELLO® booklet

An introduction to airtightness and the Intelligent Airtightness System.

pro clima study

pro clima Study

A comprehensive study about airtightness and moisture management in New Zealand based on evidence and building science.

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INTELLO® Certificates

We are proud to have our products regularly tested and certified.


Market leading Intelligent Air Barrier for all construction types.


INTELLO® uses Hydrosafe® technology. Find out more now.

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