Quality Control

Blower Door testing is one of the most reliable methods of quantifying construction quality.

The Blower Door test result is also one of the best predictors of future performance of a building.

This is why building permeability testing is common practice around the world as a means of quality assurance.


Blower Door Testing

To carry out a Blower Door test, a calibrated fan is temporarily installed in a doorway of a building and the building is then pressurised and depressurised according to a standard method. By taking careful measurements of the flow of air through the fan, the Blower Door tester calculates the permeability (or leakiness) of the building. The lower the permeability, the better.

Find an accredited Blower Door tester to carry out a quality check on your building.


Pro Clima New Zealand is a distributor of Minneapolis Blower Door equipment and a provider of technical support and training.


A formal Blower Door test is done at the end of construction. Prior to this, the integrity of the airtightness system should be checked.

A WINCON test allows builders to check the airtightness layer before installing the interior lining of the building. It’s a quick but very effective test to locate any potential leaks so they can be fixed before the airtightness layer is covered up.

Any project that includes an intelligent air barrier as part of the building envelope,
should have an air infiltration test done as part of the installation quality control process.

Talk to our team about how to get a WINCON fan to site.

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