Adhesive Removing Liquid

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  • Adhesive-removing solution made from natural solvents and oils
  • Removes adhesive residues left behind by adhesive tapes and acrylate copolymers
  • Highly effective, works within minutes

GLUMEX is made from natural solvents and oils, it dissolves adhesive residues from adhesive tapes and acrylate copolymers. Apply pro clima GLUMEX to the surface to be cleaned with a soft cloth and gently rub it in. After just a few minutes, the contaminant can be seen coming away from the surface. The contaminant can then be rubbed off using a rough material (e.g. steel wool or a brush). If any residues remain, this process can be repeated. It is recommended to test the compatibility of GLUMEX with the surface to be treated on a non-visible area of the surface.

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